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online conveyancing cost

How are online conveyancing cost determined?

Online conveyancing is the latest development in the real estate market. As implied by the name, online conveyancing involves property transaction through the internet. Solicitors do not have to meet with their clients during online conveyancing. Documents are exchanged online. Payments are also made online with supported methods.  Given how abstract this method of conveyancing is, anyone would want to know how much it costs. You will want to know if solicitor quotes are higher or lower. You may also be wondering if disbursement costs are included in the total online conveyancing cost since most work is accomplished online.

The cost of online conveyancing is usually much lower than that of traditional conveyancing. This is partly because clients and their solicitors incur little travelling expenses. Lawyers naturally include their travelling expenses in the price they quote. However, travel expenses of clients are never part of conveyance costs per se. Nevertheless, a client who is ruthless with finances may include every coin he spent in conveyancing in his calculation of the total cost of conveyancing.

As many of the local authority operate online, requesting documents and submitting can be accomplished online. This reduces the time working with traditional documents. This reduces costs and time of conveyancing. Travel is minimal with online conveyancing, which reduces costs even further. Some clients even turn to online conveyancing from countries abroad. Online conveyancing case trackers help exchange of documents from customers and clients. Other communication can be done through, email, phone or skype.

Disbursement fees and stamp duty land tax are other conveyancing expenses that you need to pay for.  These are not lowered when you choose online conveyancing. You can visit a solicitor’s website for a breakdown of these quotes. You may also use online conveyance costs calculator to get a rough estimate of what the cost will be.  The calculator works by analysing the number of buyers of property, the cost of the property, the location of the property and the type of property ownership you are getting into. These calculators are solely based on the solicitors’ usual methods of estimating their fees. The online conveyance calculators are not always accurate. You may need to talk to your solicitor about what exactly they will be asking for.

Online conveyance cost payments are available through any of the methods of money transfer that are available in the UK. Minor costs such as disbursement fees and stamp duty tax charges can be easily paid for through online banks. Solicitors’ fees are better paid for using debit cards or checks. A client will agree with his solicitor the method of payment that is preferable to most of them.

housing solicitors

How housing solicitors help resolve housing issues

Housing issues can have dire emotional and physical impacts on homeowners. Many people want to live in a comfortable hustle free environment. A house should be a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustles of daily life.  The home should be comfortable and highly rejuvenating. It is in the home where you feel free to indulge in what make you happy. Unfortunately, some people will do everything possible to make your home a living hell. They will provoke you for absolutely no reason. Some will try to evict you out of your home and into the streets.  Many people have suffered in the hands of ruthless, mindless neighbours and tenants. That is why housing solicitors are there to help you address social and financial issues that you may have around your home.

Nobody likes to live in a noisy neighbourhood.  While a little music is appreciated, too much noise can interrupt your sleep or even cause ear problems for people.  Most young people like listening to loud music.  As people get older, preference for loud music diminishes. It is the older people who pay for homes. The young ones probably live with their parents or their relatives. It is not right for them to make noise to people who are paying their rents. Noise at home can also present itself when neighbouring spouses are constantly arguing. Peace loving people must be saved from the unwanted noise that their neighbours are making. That is why housing solicitors are there to make your home habitable.

Housing solicitors help enforce responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every tenant to pay their rents. Those living in leasehold properties must also pay their ground rents. Financial problems can affect everyone.  The economic woes can be so severe as to prevent you from paying your dues.  Many people have been thrown out of their homes just because they cannot pay their rents. Statutory regulations have few provisions for what to be done when a tenant fails to pay his rent.  Measures to be taken in case of breach of tenancy agreements are usually included in tenancy agreements.  However, they are not always hard and fast rules. The decision to either put up with rent defaulters or to get rid of them is always at the description of landlords and estate agents. Housing solicitors can help you negotiate your case when you are facing eviction. If you have a valid reason for defaulting in your payment, even the court will ensure that you keep your home.

They help defend your rights

Landlords and their agents have a tenancy to ignore their properties once they let them out.  Homes are in continuously used and therefore are subjected to wear and tear. They must be regularly maintained. Housing laws provide that landlords must undertake major home repairs. They must unclog blocked drainage pipes and fix leaking roofs. These and others are some of the repairs that a tenant is not allowed by law to take responsibility of. A tenant living in a neglected property is bound to put with poor living conditions. Housing solicitors will get your landlord to take responsibility of repairing your home.

Online conveyancing

Online conveyancing and the tracking system

The selling or purchase of a property involves different actions, from finding a buyer to properly transferring the ownership, with all the paperwork included. Online Conveyancing is one of the options that will save you money and time.


Most conveyancing firms provide an online system, which allows you to get a conveyancing quote, without having to meet a solicitor, visit his office or even talk over the phone. Even though sometimes the next step is scheduling an appointment with a solicitor/conveyancer, a part of these firms could carry all the work without you having to leave your house. However, how would you know how long it will take, what forms still need completion or how many days until completion?

It is handy

Fast, comfortable and safe. Using a phone app or a laptop, you can see how much you will pay for the conveyancing, which are the fees and a detailed list of what they include. This will enable you to compare different proposals and choose the one that suits your needs best, without putting a solicitor in front of a refusal or yourself in the position of mentally calculating your budget and trying to decide if you can afford the cost.

A unique impartial service

An online conveyancing system is individual, created as a general support that provides outstanding services to every customer.

Constant access to information

When the firm has an add on service, the tracking system will give you access to anything that you might need with your move, reducing the time you would spend in traffic, going to a solicitor’s office or on the phone, trying to reach the conveyancer dealing with your case. Some of the conveyancing firms deliver an online customer service chat, an email address you could send your enquiries, aside from the online conveyancing quoting tool.

 Cheaper rates

Another benefit of online conveyancing is the cheaper rate than the one offered by a brick&mortar solicitor. If the primary activity of conveyancing firms starts online, the need for an office on a high street is reduced. Therefore the fees they take are smaller. A “virtual” office costs less and requires diminished supplies.

Better perspective

An online website that compares conveyancing quotes will be able to connect you to national and international solicitors, whilst a traditional approach will limit you locally. In a case of a reduced solicitor’s market in your area, the fees would be bigger, due to the scarce number of specialists who can operate in conveyancing.

The conveyancing tracking system

The conveyancing tracking system enables you to be in the know with all the details regarding the progress of the procedures and the contacts of the point reached on the paperwork. Instead of spending time on the phone or sending emails to a solicitor, you simply open the tracking system and get easy access to all the information. Every milestone will be updated regularly so that you can be up to date with the key documents.

The conveyancing tracking system ensures transparency when it comes to the law firm case handler.

It is like having a solicitor there for you every step of the way without any additional contacts, which might cost you time and money. You can check 24/7 the progress of the deal, which gives an estimate time wise, knowing exactly where the deal stands at every moment.

As a guarantee on their work, conveyancing firms offer the tracking system as a free service, for you to have your mind at ease and feel in control of the transaction, without leaving the comfort of your house.

Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders

How Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders can help purchasing

Everyone wants to purchase a dream home where he or she can live peacefully with the family. However, it is not so easy especially for those people who have limited earning and restricted budget. There are lower income group of individuals who saves every single pound to gather the amount to buy a home. However, often they fall short of their target. However, that is never the end of the road. The Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders can help to get the dream house. However, the lenders can help you? Here are the things that you must know.

Who are Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders?

Many financial institutions and organisations come forward for a mortgage. These are called lenders. However, the shared ownership mortgages lenders are different from any other mortgage lenders. Neither all of the lenders come forward with the shared ownership nor can everyone have it. In the United Kingdom, the government has formulated special shared ownership mortgages schemes for the people, and there are eligibility criteria as well. However, the criteria are pretty much easy to be fulfilled, but the lenders follow the government guidelines. These mortgages are the same as conventional mortgages in concept but have a different approach. You can obtain mortgages for a partial ownership of the borrower or the shared ownership. You can get shared ownership verification with any government authorised housing association. However, the lenders work for the shared ownership mortgages very interestingly.

How Lenders provide mortgages?

The first thing that needs to be understood here is that the concept of the mortgage remains the same. So, the borrower needs to accumulate the deposit money. However, the deposit should be reduced in amount as the total cost of the purchase gets reduced due to partial ownership. The property valuation and the document procedures of the shared mortgages are the same. Once the shared ownership mortgage is paid, then the same person can go for another similar mortgage to own another share of the same house. The shared mortgages are however lesser in tenure. However, the lender offers the flexibility of plans and schemes regarding duration and repayment options.


In the shared ownership as well, as per the general regulations a borrower has to deposit 25% of the entire purchasing amount for obtaining the mortgage from the lender. However, in case the borrower does not have enough money for the deposit as well, the government has special schemes for reduced deposit to obtain the mortgage from the lenders. The lenders come to terms with the government authorities for such mortgages. However, there are regulations and criteria to be fulfilled in these cases.

Shared ownership mortgages lenders work towards the facilitation of the secure home purchase, and these lenders are very popular in the United Kingdom as well.

conveyancing time estimation

Estimating the Conveyancing time duration

Many people do not like the extended amount of conveyancing time it takes for someone to make a real estate transaction. If you are a buyer you have first to note down what it is you want, go to the realtor and hope that he finds a suitable home fast. You then have to start the actual transaction which adds up with the legalities that have to be taken care of. For sellers, the process is more or less the same only that you have to go through the painstaking process of listing it on the market and then to hope that someone will buy it before it starts to lose value.

For both the buyer and the seller, however, the most difficult part of the process lies in the legalities. For that, you will need the services of a conveyancer or a solicitor who will try to do it as fast as they can.

Now there is no limit to conveyancing time for a piece of property to be sold in any country or region. The time depends on a variety of factors. This is why as a buyer or a seller you should be wary of conveyancers who will tell you that they can complete a transaction who will assure you fast completion. This is usually just a sales gimmick, and the truth is they do not know how long it will take to complete the transaction.

When you approach a conveyancer, the best question to ask is the average amount of time they take to complete a transaction. You can also be keen to find out how willing they are to work towards a short deadline. Many solicitors and conveyancers will be happy when working towards a short deadline; this means a quick turnover that will not take up much of their time, and it is also much more fun that way.

In the UK, an average of 8 – 12 weeks of conveyancing time is expected for one to complete a transaction depending on some factors.

  • The Chain – The transaction most of the times does not only involve the seller and the buyer. Many at times the property may change a couple of hands before it finally reaches you. The conveyance process and the transaction as a whole depend on the number of parties involved. The shorter the chain the faster the process. The process is also dependent on its weakest link. If one party takes a long time, then the process will take longer. For the quickest results, one needs a short chain and individuals taking very little time at every process.
  • Financial Transactions – It is always better to carry out your transaction in cash as it is the fastest way for cash to flow. Mortgage lenders might take much time to release cash thus causing a delay in the whole transaction. No matter the mode you choose one has to ensure that you can access cash when it is needed.

At the end of it all the speed and duration of conveyancing time all comes down to you and your conveyancer, you should ensure that you have the best man for the job.

conveyancing solicitors in chelmsford

Making sure Conveyancing Solicitors In Chelmsford Will Do Their Job Properly

The process of selling a house or any other property is expected to complete smoothly. For this, the role of conveyancing solicitors is of paramount importance. They oversee and handle all the legal work on the behalf of the sellers and buyers. The fact of the matter is that the deal may vastly depend on upon the solicitor. So, choosing a great professional is critical. So how do you make sure your conveyancing solicitors In Chelmsford will do their job properly?

What makes a good conveyancing?

Normally, the things that people take into account when choosing a solicitor are the price, reputation and the credentials of the prospective candidates. Without a doubt, all these factors are important to keep in mind while you search for the perfect conveyancer for your case. However, is the professional ready to offer a guarantee free of charge?
Nowadays, the competition among the conveyancing firms is on the rise, and every solicitor may give you a free “no completion no fee” guarantee, which means if the transaction does not succeed for any reason, you will not have to pay any legal fee to the solicitor. The disbursement charges are not redactable as they are paid to the third parties
This sounds fair because if the transaction falls through, the job of the solicitor did not help the client to reach completion. So it seems unfair to charge the clients. Undoubtedly, it is a great incentive for any professional to make sure all goes well. At the same time, you have a sense of security, and you will be on the safe side as well.
At times, the failure of a transaction is not the fault of the conveyancer. In some ways, it may be poor service that they offered or negligence from the other party. If the solicitor knows that they will not get paid in case the transaction does not complete; they will try their level best to complete the deal.
Offering a guarantee is good for both the parties, as it gives peace of mind to the buyer/seller and a large incentive to the legal professional. If their performance is up to the mark, they will get paid. In fact, it is a win-win situation for all the concerned parties.
You can also ask the solicitor for a fixed quote. How will this help you? Actually, at times, hidden costs occur in the process of conveyancing. If you have a fixed quote, you have an assurance that that you will not get overcharged in the name of hidden costs.
A combo of a fixed quote and a free quote is a very realistic expectation, as this will make sure you get what you pay. So, these are a few things you can do to ensure your property conveyancing solicitors in Chelmsford will do their job properly, and you will not get overcharged.

How to manage a budget for home buying

How to get money for home buying

property in the ukFirst time home convey is a great thing to do, everything feels great, a new home, new neighbors and community, something different to look for and starting up to build a better future with new opportunities at hand. But, in order to all of this you need a budget or money to buy your ideal home in the best neighborhood in your city. Budget is a messy thing to deal with especially when you are looking for a home and that comes with a lot of money in England and Wales. In this article, you will learn how to manage a budget to buy an ideal property in the most suitable area of your city.

Managing budget for home convey

In order to manage budget you first need to know a lump sum idea of how much you can pay for buying home and what is your credibility to pay the price needed for buying a home.

Credit Report

To find what is your credibility, i.e. ability to pay a specific amount of money at a specific time, you can count this from your credit reports. Credit reports reflects your ability to pay back the credit amount which could be your payment histories, resolving debts, instalment debts and open debts. While calculating credibility score, times matters the most. It reflects how quickly and timely you pay the credited money back to bank or credit agency. People can easily get their credit reports from three major agencies, i.e. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Low credit score will be a bad call that can minor your chances to buy a home. A high credit score indicated that you are good in paying credit and loans to the credit agencies in a timely manner and that will increase your chances to get quite some money for home buying. However, if you find any errors in your credit reports, you can contact the agencies to resolve the issue whenever possible.

How much you can afford

Next, you need to know the type and pricing category of the house that meets suits your money requirement. For the purpose there, many tools and online calculators are available on the web. A rule of thumb is to look for the figure that match two and half time more than your gross annual income. The second rule is to carefully check if your annual home payment should not exceed 36% of the gross annual income.

Cash on hand

After getting the idea of what type of home you can buy, you need cash on hand so to know how much money extra money is required to complete your home convey deal. Home financing agencies, mortgage companies, or banks like to see if you already got 20% of home’s price on your hand for first time down payment. If you failed to pay money equals to 20% of home price, you will be paying a private mortgage insurance agency to ensure the bank the safety of the money or mortgage that they are loaning you.

Search for a home

People moving from city to city need to know and search for the best residential districts of the city, however, for those who are looking to buy a home in a potentially and economically developed district should get a home in a neighborhood that meet your lifestyle. A family with children will like to live in a district with better school, high school, nurseries, and play ground. Moreover, neighbors should have disciple with a lifestyle that meets with yours to provide a better place to your kids. Lifestyle is diverse for people of different ages; moreover, it is important that you live in homes that are safe, near to the hospitals and closer to the offices. There are many other important things that you many other things that you carefully check before buying a home such as if the road infrastructure of the district is fine for better transport, no construction playing is happening around near your home, if there is any noise pollution, any other environment hazards , and so many more.

Find a solicitor or conveyancing buyer

Brokers can settle deals between buyers and sellers but their interest lies in getting more money which will come from a better sale price. It doesn’t sound very calming for buyers as they are expecting lesser and lesser cost of buying the house. It is not much a worry because there are people who are authorize by law to take care of home buying and selling deals. Solicitors or Conveyancing personals will help you in your home convey and there are plenty of them available in your local area. However, there are many experienced solicitors that you can contact sitting in your own homes. Such as online conveyancing solicitors, take some time to search on the web, best online conveyancing solicitors.

NBM Conveyancing Solicitor

Home convey is a big deals in UK and Wales, people can’t just buy their home with money on hand, because houses come at a high prices for the residents of UK and Wales. In order to get a better deal you need advice from advice from senior conveyancing lawyers such as NBM Law group, who will hear your queries and will provide you the best solution.

How to buy yourself an ideal home for a peaceful future life

How to get an ideal residence for a better living

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home. – Confucius

conveyancingtechnologyexperts20150424We have heard the name of Confucius, the Chinese teacher, philosopher and novel writer. His famous quote has inspired hundreds of people and the one I state above is the importance of a great, peaceful home for our living. Almost all of us want a better living in a peaceful neighborhood. People who are living in backward areas also have the same desire.

Thinking about a great home is one thing but finding it is another story. In this article, I will share with you the way to buy a great residence for your future life. But how you will qualify the credibility of a great home for your living. It will then raises few more questions that we need to address first.

What is a great house?

People mostly choose things on its very look. Sellers before selling their home renovate their houses to get a better price for their home. People always buy a great looking home but that is not the only thing you should look in a great house. Here is an advice; buy a home that not only looks from its outside but also should look beautiful from the inside of it.

What facilities do you want in your new home?

“Buy a catchy home that is it.” No, it is not the only thing that is included in an ideal residence. Your home must have all the facilities such as water pipelines, gas supply, electricity and sanitation facilities. Many sellers faults in their home, so a great looking home from outside is faulty from the things that you can’t see with naked eyes.

Where is the house located?

A better looking house with all the facilities is the first merit for the credibility of an ideal residence. But there are other things that you should keep in your mind before buying a home. The one and most important thing that you should look for is the destination of your home and the landmarks nearby it. Your office, your children’s school, hospital, and recreational area should be located nearby your home. In addition, your house should not lies at a place near a factory or any other work station to avoid noise pollution. One such location to find an ideal home in Essex is the Chelmsford City.

What you will be looking in the house?

Awesome, very good, you find yourself a catchy house with all the facilities for a better living but there should be some extras to it. Your house should have a front garden with at least one tree and a few many plants; it is great idea for a healthy living. People love to sit under the shade of a big tree; moreover, houses with gardens and trees have better resale price.

What is an exemplary neighbourhood?

Another thing that must be checked while buying a new home is to discover your neighbourhood. We did talk about it before about the location of your house. You should first take a small tour of your area and meet with your future neighbours. It will help you find out a more peaceful and social neighbourhood for your future residence. Locate the buildings nearby your home and visit each one of them; you can learn from people about the best shopping malls nearby your home or cafeterias; and what about a public garden or public square or even the school of your young children? These building should be located nearby your home.

Who will help you buy an ideal home?

After reading these question/answers in details, you now have the idea about a great house to buy in your favourite neighbourhood or city. Is there someone who can help and guide you for buying a new home? Yes, there is someone who can help you in buying a new home i.e. a Solicitor. If you are looking for buying an ideal residence, you should ask the advice from a conveyancing solicitor. He/she will guide you in finding the best residence for your future life.

What if you want to buy a home in Chelmsford, Essex, England?

If you interested in buying a home in Chelmsford City of England, consider contacting the solicitors at NBM law group. They will help you finding the best home for your future life. In this article I have define the merits of an ideal home to buy for spending your future life in your desire neighbourhood.

Cheap Conveyancing Solicitor Vs Professional, Organized, and dedicated Solicitor

Merits that draw a line between best Conveyancing solicitor and the cheap non-professional Solicitor

conveyancingagent20150424Buying a house in an ideal neighbourhood such as Chelmsford City is a great deal for the residents of Essex State of United Kingdom. You have plenty of funds in your pocket or bank account; Great! Now you will be approaching a great conveyancing personal to buy for you an ideal house. But how will you check his/her credibility? In this post I will be identifying merits of a well-organized, professional and dedicated solicitor.

First, I define the merits of a great conveyancing personal, and that will later help you to identify the best among all the conveyancing personal that you may find in a locality of Chelmsford City.

  1. Take a tour of his/her office and check out for their routine business dealings. Professional people always maintain friendly, organized and professional environment in their business dealings. At the very first look you will find that professional way of doing business to be well dress and work in an organized environment.

Words of Caution

“All that glitters is not gold,” is a common proverb as told by our grandparents and there is a lot to learn from it. People must not judge things by the way they look, and this is true in every walk of our life. Don’t judge the credibility of a solicitor by the look of his/her office. Professional people should maintain an organized, well-decompiled office for their business dealings, but it doesn’t mean that good furniture and the outlook of the office of solicitors signifies his/her experience. Best dress is important in every business, but it is not the only merit of a great business person. But nevertheless professional conveyancing personnel always maintain a good environment for their business dealing.

  1. Money is not the merit of the solicitors’ credibility.
    Consider, for example, you visit the office of the solicitor A who has a high service cost; then you visit the office of the solicitor B whose service cost is lesser than the previous; which is the best among them? Many will opt for the one with lesser services cost than the previous but during their case they will realize that cost is not the only merit, and they will be facing many difficulties in the proceedings of their deals.
  2. A good approach is straight, concise and realistic
    Professional business people will talk straight to you, disclosing all the facts and figures of the deal. Bad or cheap solicitor will twist their words, and hide a few facts that should otherwise will be disclosed to the buyer.
  3. Fast communication is an important merit in the home moving
    You can easily communicate with a professional conveyancing person whenever you are need of his/her help. Non professionals are lazy and difficult to approach. You will discover that they are busy dealing with their personal matters or might be busy with some other client. It is a cheap way of doing business; avoid hiring such conveyancing personnel for buying your new homes.
  4. Virtual Assistants
    It is common in many businesses that people hire virtual assistants to help in dealing with their business matters. “Wait a minute”, virtual assistants! Who are these people and why they are talking with you? Well, for your knowledge, virtual assistants are the people who, based on their skills help in managing work sitting in some other part of the world. They have solid communication skills and they can help in talking directly with clients. But why you are dealing with a non-conveyancing person that you might even not hired for your case. Professional firms are more organized; tasks are provided to a team of solicitors such as the one dealing with your case from the start of the deal to the time when you will be moving in your new home.
  5. Open to suggestion
    You can inquire professionals for your case and they will hear details of your inquiry and they will always be open to suggestion. Bad solicitor are rigid, they might not hear the details of your inquiry and so they will not give any importance to your suggestions about a deal.

Who to choose a cheap solicitor or a professional

It is obvious that you will hire the one that deals in a professional, disciplined, organize and client friendly business environment. For the residents of Essex county, it is a great news, the NBM law group of solicitors is always there to help you find the best home as your future residents in the Chelmsford city and surrounding neighbourhood. In this post I have defined the merits of a great conveyancing solicitor to buy a house in Chelmsford City. The personal who will be facilitating in your home buying process must be well organized, dedicated and experience person in his field of work.

How to safe your time and money in buying a new home in Chelmsford City

How to safe your time and money in house moving

New hobuying a new home in chelmsfordme buying is a serious deal; you will be spending a lot of money in finding an ideal property for a better living. The things you must first take into account is how to protect your money and then how to claim your rights for the property. When you make propose your quote to the seller for buying a new home, you will be spending your time in this process. It is a common proverb that most of us knows, “Everything has got its price”. So when you spend your time in making a quote you already have given your energy for the buying process. Will you not be ensuring your time for the deal? It did cost you money and you will be doing this for a few coming weeks. In this article I will detail you, how to ensure the safety of your time, deal and your money.

Stages of buying a new home

Below I will outline few stage that are involve in buying a new home. You will also be reading how to ensure each stage of the home buying process.

Proposing a quote

You must propose a quote that is acceptable for the seller. Consider for example you propose quote that might feel safe in your pocket but is not nearly acceptable for the seller, he/she will not be selling the property to you and will choose the other party if any. You will be wasting your time and it does cost money. To make an acceptable cost to the seller, take a small tour to the neighbourhood finding the average cost of different properties ready for sale. After getting all the information and costs, then propose your quote to the seller and it will work for sure. You can also hire a solicitor to find the right price for you.

Hiring a Solicitor

It is also a great idea to hire a solicitor, who will be advise you with his/her skills to buy you a great property in your favourite residential area. So who will be the best choice as a solicitor? Consider for example if you’re living in Chelmsford City or your office lies there, you will be hiring a solicitor that have experience working in the neighbourhood of Chelmsford City. Also take into account his experience with his clients.

You already have understand the complexity of the process and that hiring a solicitor did take some time. But the thing that you should kept in mind before approaching any person is that he/she must have experience. He/she must keep a website with a testimonial page that list his clients’ feedback.

Contacting a seller

Now you will be contacting a seller with your acceptable quote and your solicitor will be helping you in this stage. You can directly contact the seller for a straight quote or you can ask the services of a solicitor to propose a better price for the property. When you and the seller agree on an acceptable quote, the first stage of the home buying process will start. In this stage you can inspect the house for any damage to the property or the furniture if included in the deal. Your solicitor can help you in paying the cost of house search services. You can also inspect if the property is registered in the seller’s name.

But what if the seller change his idea of selling the home to some other buyer or he/she won’t be selling the property at this time? This will damage your money and time, so you first need to make sure if the seller has his/her interest in selling the property to you.

For that you need to undertake some research about any past sale of the house. Also you should make sure there is no other buyer of the house or the other buyer if any haven’t purposed a better quote than yours.

Final Stage

In this stage you will be signing a contract with the seller; what damage will be done to you, as you will be signing a contract for buying a home and there is nothing wrong with it? People should know that signing a contract is serious, if broken you will be losing a large sum money. Seller will sue you in case of a broken contract. Before you sign a contract you should first make sure that you have the money to buy the house. After signing the contract you will be paying the money as promised in the contract no matter whatsoever.

After Final Stage is it over?

The answer is no, first you have to pay the money for the house registry and stamp paper and then you will be moving into your new house on the promised date. Cheers! You did buy yourself a new home in your favourite neighbourhood. What else did you forget?

House Insurance

That is the thing that you have forgotten. It is not compulsory to insure a house for a better living. But insurance will safe your money against any future loss. There are many great names in the insurance industry who will be eager to approach you for home insurance. Approach the best company in your area; you can also ask the solicitor for a better name in this industry.