Online conveyancing

Online conveyancing and the tracking system

The selling or purchase of a property involves different actions, from finding a buyer to properly transferring the ownership, with all the paperwork included. Online Conveyancing is one of the options that will save you money and time.


Most conveyancing firms provide an online system, which allows you to get a conveyancing quote, without having to meet a solicitor, visit his office or even talk over the phone. Even though sometimes the next step is scheduling an appointment with a solicitor/conveyancer, a part of these firms could carry all the work without you having to leave your house. However, how would you know how long it will take, what forms still need completion or how many days until completion?

It is handy

Fast, comfortable and safe. Using a phone app or a laptop, you can see how much you will pay for the conveyancing, which are the fees and a detailed list of what they include. This will enable you to compare different proposals and choose the one that suits your needs best, without putting a solicitor in front of a refusal or yourself in the position of mentally calculating your budget and trying to decide if you can afford the cost.

A unique impartial service

An online conveyancing system is individual, created as a general support that provides outstanding services to every customer.

Constant access to information

When the firm has an add on service, the tracking system will give you access to anything that you might need with your move, reducing the time you would spend in traffic, going to a solicitor’s office or on the phone, trying to reach the conveyancer dealing with your case. Some of the conveyancing firms deliver an online customer service chat, an email address you could send your enquiries, aside from the online conveyancing quoting tool.

 Cheaper rates

Another benefit of online conveyancing is the cheaper rate than the one offered by a brick&mortar solicitor. If the primary activity of conveyancing firms starts online, the need for an office on a high street is reduced. Therefore the fees they take are smaller. A “virtual” office costs less and requires diminished supplies.

Better perspective

An online website that compares conveyancing quotes will be able to connect you to national and international solicitors, whilst a traditional approach will limit you locally. In a case of a reduced solicitor’s market in your area, the fees would be bigger, due to the scarce number of specialists who can operate in conveyancing.

The conveyancing tracking system

The conveyancing tracking system enables you to be in the know with all the details regarding the progress of the procedures and the contacts of the point reached on the paperwork. Instead of spending time on the phone or sending emails to a solicitor, you simply open the tracking system and get easy access to all the information. Every milestone will be updated regularly so that you can be up to date with the key documents.

The conveyancing tracking system ensures transparency when it comes to the law firm case handler.

It is like having a solicitor there for you every step of the way without any additional contacts, which might cost you time and money. You can check 24/7 the progress of the deal, which gives an estimate time wise, knowing exactly where the deal stands at every moment.

As a guarantee on their work, conveyancing firms offer the tracking system as a free service, for you to have your mind at ease and feel in control of the transaction, without leaving the comfort of your house.

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