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Online conveyancing

Online conveyancing and the tracking system

The selling or purchase of a property involves different actions, from finding a buyer to properly transferring the ownership, with all the paperwork included. Online Conveyancing is one of the options that will save you money and time.


Most conveyancing firms provide an online system, which allows you to get a conveyancing quote, without having to meet a solicitor, visit his office or even talk over the phone. Even though sometimes the next step is scheduling an appointment with a solicitor/conveyancer, a part of these firms could carry all the work without you having to leave your house. However, how would you know how long it will take, what forms still need completion or how many days until completion?

It is handy

Fast, comfortable and safe. Using a phone app or a laptop, you can see how much you will pay for the conveyancing, which are the fees and a detailed list of what they include. This will enable you to compare different proposals and choose the one that suits your needs best, without putting a solicitor in front of a refusal or yourself in the position of mentally calculating your budget and trying to decide if you can afford the cost.

A unique impartial service

An online conveyancing system is individual, created as a general support that provides outstanding services to every customer.

Constant access to information

When the firm has an add on service, the tracking system will give you access to anything that you might need with your move, reducing the time you would spend in traffic, going to a solicitor’s office or on the phone, trying to reach the conveyancer dealing with your case. Some of the conveyancing firms deliver an online customer service chat, an email address you could send your enquiries, aside from the online conveyancing quoting tool.

 Cheaper rates

Another benefit of online conveyancing is the cheaper rate than the one offered by a brick&mortar solicitor. If the primary activity of conveyancing firms starts online, the need for an office on a high street is reduced. Therefore the fees they take are smaller. A “virtual” office costs less and requires diminished supplies.

Better perspective

An online website that compares conveyancing quotes will be able to connect you to national and international solicitors, whilst a traditional approach will limit you locally. In a case of a reduced solicitor’s market in your area, the fees would be bigger, due to the scarce number of specialists who can operate in conveyancing.

The conveyancing tracking system

The conveyancing tracking system enables you to be in the know with all the details regarding the progress of the procedures and the contacts of the point reached on the paperwork. Instead of spending time on the phone or sending emails to a solicitor, you simply open the tracking system and get easy access to all the information. Every milestone will be updated regularly so that you can be up to date with the key documents.

The conveyancing tracking system ensures transparency when it comes to the law firm case handler.

It is like having a solicitor there for you every step of the way without any additional contacts, which might cost you time and money. You can check 24/7 the progress of the deal, which gives an estimate time wise, knowing exactly where the deal stands at every moment.

As a guarantee on their work, conveyancing firms offer the tracking system as a free service, for you to have your mind at ease and feel in control of the transaction, without leaving the comfort of your house.

cheap conveyancing Chelmford

Cheap conveyancing in Chelmsford (Essex, UK)

Selling a house is more than a simple transaction. Including transferring the property ownership, all the paperwork regarding the boundaries (natural or man-made) and their maintenance, any upcoming work or disputes with the neighbours. Sometimes it might be a long and quite exhausting process. So it is best to find a good firm, with good solicitors, who will take care of all the details. Of course, there is a fee included, but we put up a list of cheap conveyancing firms in Chelmsford, with their price ranges and cheap quotes.

Conveyancing prices range in Chelmsford

Best thing to start with is to check a list of Solicitors Regulation Authority regulated solicitors, and CLC regulated conveyancers. Using an online tool to market for the best cheap conveyancing quote in Chelmsford will improve your chances of finding the proper conveyancer/solicitor for your particular situation.

Because every sell or purchase requires varied legal work and distinct paperwork, the conveyancing quote will be individually calculated for each and one action. A low-cost firm might not come with the guarantee of disbursements, and a more expensive might not offer the most professional service. It is important to do some research before choosing your solicitor. It will save you time and money in the long run.


Well known cheap conveyancing firms in Chelmsford

Gepp & Sons Solicitors LLP  is a limited liability partnership, authorised and regulated by the SRA. This conveyancing firm offers one of the best quotes on the conveyancing market in Chelmsford. With an office in Chelmsford and an online quoting system, you can either meet a solicitor face to face or get an online quote and decide if you want to go further with them, or you are choosing on another cheap conveyancing firm.

One of the highest rated conveyancing firms in Chelmsford is Birkett. Even though the website does not offer an online quote, their reviews and national status amongst the law firms in the UK, with a significant number of awards for their professional services, established them as one of the best choices for conveyancing in Chelmsford.

TaylorHaldaneBarlex LLP deals with different sectors of the law, including residential and commercial conveyancing. With a low-cost conveyancing quote, a dedicated team, with local and Central London experience, the solicitors from the Chelmsford provide professional and quick services. Their online tool will give you an idea about the legal fees, the VAT or the disbursements they quote.

NBM Law is one of the low-cost conveyancing firms in Chelmsford. You can get an online quote, before even talking to a solicitor face to face. They promise no hidden fees and a breakdown of the conveyancing bill, so you will grasp an idea of exactly how much you will pay and for what. Their solicitors, regulated by the SRA, are specialised in conveyancing, with a sole local field expertise. The online tracker keeps you up to date with the conveyancing process development 24/7.

A professional solicitor will save you from the troubles of selling/buying/extending a lease/remortgaging a house, taking care of all the details, at a decent price, with transparent fees. Be sure that the low cost quote you chose to conveyance in Chelmsford comes with a guarantee for exceptional services.


Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders

How Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders can help purchasing

Everyone wants to purchase a dream home where he or she can live peacefully with the family. However, it is not so easy especially for those people who have limited earning and restricted budget. There are lower income group of individuals who saves every single pound to gather the amount to buy a home. However, often they fall short of their target. However, that is never the end of the road. The Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders can help to get the dream house. However, the lenders can help you? Here are the things that you must know.

Who are Shared Ownership Mortgages Lenders?

Many financial institutions and organisations come forward for a mortgage. These are called lenders. However, the shared ownership mortgages lenders are different from any other mortgage lenders. Neither all of the lenders come forward with the shared ownership nor can everyone have it. In the United Kingdom, the government has formulated special shared ownership mortgages schemes for the people, and there are eligibility criteria as well. However, the criteria are pretty much easy to be fulfilled, but the lenders follow the government guidelines. These mortgages are the same as conventional mortgages in concept but have a different approach. You can obtain mortgages for a partial ownership of the borrower or the shared ownership. You can get shared ownership verification with any government authorised housing association. However, the lenders work for the shared ownership mortgages very interestingly.

How Lenders provide mortgages?

The first thing that needs to be understood here is that the concept of the mortgage remains the same. So, the borrower needs to accumulate the deposit money. However, the deposit should be reduced in amount as the total cost of the purchase gets reduced due to partial ownership. The property valuation and the document procedures of the shared mortgages are the same. Once the shared ownership mortgage is paid, then the same person can go for another similar mortgage to own another share of the same house. The shared mortgages are however lesser in tenure. However, the lender offers the flexibility of plans and schemes regarding duration and repayment options.


In the shared ownership as well, as per the general regulations a borrower has to deposit 25% of the entire purchasing amount for obtaining the mortgage from the lender. However, in case the borrower does not have enough money for the deposit as well, the government has special schemes for reduced deposit to obtain the mortgage from the lenders. The lenders come to terms with the government authorities for such mortgages. However, there are regulations and criteria to be fulfilled in these cases.

Shared ownership mortgages lenders work towards the facilitation of the secure home purchase, and these lenders are very popular in the United Kingdom as well.