How much conveyancing fees Chelmsford

How much conveyancing fees Chelmsford solicitors charge?

Conveyancing can be a complex process which leads to discrepancy in conveyancing fees depending on multiple conditions and variables. The geography, the state of the property, ownership and choice to obtain a mortgage add up to different rates for conveyancing. There isn’t a standard pricing for conveyancing and conveyancing fees charged by conveyancing firms can be affordable to downright overpriced. If you are buying, moving or selling property in Chelmsford, you should know how much conveyancing fees Chelmsford conveyancers can charge on average.

There are two parts to conveyancing fees; the solicitor basic fee and the disbursement fees. The basic solicitor fee is a service charge for the solicitor’s expertise, and the disbursement is additional costs made to third parties during the conveyancing. An honest conveyancing firm will list all the details of solicitor fees and disbursement fees on their quote.

When you get quotes from the conveyancing firms and solicitors, make sure to read all of the details included. The fine details on their terms of service may hide additional charges that are not clearly visible at the first glance. The trick often guides people into thinking they are getting a cheap conveyancing rate while they are just waiting to get fooled during the process of conveyancing.

It’s essential that you discuss the conveyancing fees in great detail beforehand as quotes are non-binding, and you are not obligated to pay anything without an agreement. While you contact the solicitor or representative make sure to explain your condition so they can give you a better outlook into the tasks that have to be performed and their prices. A “fixed price” conveyancing fee will likely save you a word of stress.

If you are buying a property in Chelmsford you’ll likely be charged for the following:

  • The Solicitor’s Basic Fee (£300 – £1,000) (VAT excluded)
  • Land Registry Office Copies (£4 – £8)
  • Local Authority Searches (£100 – £200)
  • Bankruptcy Search (£2 – £5)
  • Chancel Repair Liability Search (£15) (VAT excluded)
  • Drainage Search (£30 – £45) (VAT excluded)
  • Environmental Search (£30 – £35) (VAT excluded)
  • Geographic Location Specific Local Searches (£40 – £250) (VAT excluded)
  • Land Registration Fee (£40 – £700)
  • Telegraphic Transfer Fee (£20 – £30) (VAT excluded)
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (rate depends on the price of the property)

If you are a seller of the property, you’re likely going to be charged less as there aren’t many tasks performed by the solicitor on this side. Here’s a basic list of fees:

  • The Solicitor’s Basic Fee (£300 – £1,000) (VAT excluded)
  • Land Registry Office Copies (£4 – £8)
  • Telegraphic Transfer Fee (£20 – £30) + VAT

These are the general rates you can expect from conveyancing firms in Chelmsford. If you are dealing with mortgage and lenders, the solicitor will likely expect a certain fee for handling the documents with them. Chelmsford has big names in conveyancing like NBM Law, which is known to provide affordable conveyancing everywhere so don’t forget to get a quote from them as well.

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